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Luther Krueger photo, credit Michael Bonke, 3-12-20

Luther Krueger, Photo credit: Michael Bonke

Luther Krueger has been collecting, designing, and promoting solar cookers in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA since 2004. As host of "Saturday Solar Cooking Brunches," instructing through community education courses, and setting up demos at farmers markets in south Minneapolis, Luther hopes to reach the tipping point for solar cooker adoption in Minnesota and beyond. Luther has installed a variation of the Barbara Kerr "through-the-wall" cooker in his south-facing garage wall, called the Sun Portal.

Beginning in 2020, Luther began traveling the path of solar cooking video interviewer. While working full-time, he has found time to travel several times across the USA, stopping to create video interviews with notable pioneers and practitioners of solar cooking. His library of video interviews can be seen at: Luther Krueger's YouTube solar cooking channel, The Big Blue Sun Museum of Solar Cooking


  • April 2024: Luther Krueger is interviewed - Podcaster Nate Hagens is given a solar cooking overview by Luther Krueger. They discuss the basic science of solar cookers, the various types of cookers available, as well as the growing importance to encourage the adoption of solar cooking. The quanity of traditional fossil cooking fuel resources continue to dwindle. Their use is linked to respritory health problems and deforestation. Using the sun to cook food relieves a portion of our demand for global energy, especially in areas of the world with the fewest resources.

Luther Krueger- "Goldilocks Tech? A Solar Oven Overview” - The Great Simplification -119-2

Audio and video[]

  • November 2023: Luther Krueger interview - Michael Bonke first interviewed Luther Krueger at CONSOLFOOD 2020 in Faro, Portugal. Luther usually interviews others, and has produced a substantial collection of videos of his visits to solar cooking notables in the USA and Europe. They both attended CONSOLFOOD 2023, in A Coruña, Spain this past July, and Michael audio interviewed Luther to hear his perspective on the progress being made in the field of solar cooking. Hear the audio interview
  • July 2023: Luther on the state of solar cooking communication and collaboration

S1B7 Luther Krueger (USA)- Reflections on one hundred solar cooks from four continents

  • May 2023: Luther relates his solar cooking experiences

178 - Solar Cookers (When the BioMass Hits the Wind Turbine)-2

  • November 2022: Encore visits with a few previous interviewees - Luther returns to speak again with Sharon Clausson, Craig Bergland, and solar tracking master Stan Wells, with his miniature working tracker.

Encores- Sharon Clausson, Craig Bergland, and Stan Wells-2

  • January 2022:

Consolfood 2020- 3rd webinar-2

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