Solar Cooking
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The Wedge Solar Cooker was designed by Martin Nix.

Martin Nix has been involved with various aspects of solar energy for a number years. He is the designer of the Wedge Solar Cooker. His current focus is founding Solar Smelters International, which is promoting solar power as a resource in smelting industrial materials.


  • January 2013: Martin Nix has received patent approval for his 'Half Parabolic Dish Reflector with Planar Reflector Solar Smelter' design. Martin explains that it is an improvement over existing smelter technology, in that it puts the focus of the sun safely into a hole in the ground. That means the focus of the sun is not in the air, where the melted metal can spill on people, or where someone can get injured. The focus or target does not move around, but is stable. Not only can this device be used as a solar cooker, it can also be used to generate steam, sterilize medical instruments, or melt rocks, glass and metals. Read more about the solar smelter and Martin's patent history at: Half Parabolic Dish Reflector with Planar Reflector Solar Smelter patent approval

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