Solar Cooking
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Matteo Muccioli With the prototype of Newton Solar Oven 3.0

Matteo Muccioli is a Mechanical Engineer and technical consultant at Studio MUMAlab. He is the inventor of the MUMA Solar Cooker, the Newton Solar Oven , the Newton Solar Oven 2.0 and the Kimono Solar Cooker.

In 2019, together with Arch. Francesca Perazzini, he designed and built a prototype of a solar cooker dedicated to navigation, for the Maldiplastica event, who called Maldiplastica Solar Cooker

He is currently working on version 3 of the Newton Solar Oven, dedicated to cooking with insulated steel tubes, on upgrade of mirror setup, on different geometries of accumulators and solar receivers.

From 2015, he has collaborated with the Associazione Astronomica del Rubicone with which he opened the SolAAR lab solar section, dedicated to the sun and solar technology and where he organizes conferences on energy and the environment, self-costruction workshop of solar cookers, and solar events.

His target is to design a solar oven that anyone can reproduce with great simplicity and promote solar cooking in his country.

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