Solar Cooking
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Mohammed Al Ta'ani is the General Manager of the Jordanian Renewable Energy Society (JRES), a collaboration between the King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau and the University of Jordan. JRES developed a box-type solar cooker for use in Jordan. The cooker was designed to meet several requirements: it had to be simple and safe to assemble, install and operate; it had to be economical yet durable; and it had to be efficient enough to cook 15 kilograms of meat in a few hours.

The cooker has three panes of glazing, each separated by 6mm air spaces. The innermost pane is low-emissive, reducing heat loss from the cooking chamber. The glazing is angled at 30° with respect to the ground, maximizing efficiency at Jordan's latitude. Three stainless steel reflectors - two stationary and one adjustable - increase light reaching the cooking chamber. The inside of the cooking chamber is aluminum, while the external walls of the cooker are galvanized steel. The cooker is insulated with a type of rock wool used in conventional gas ovens.

REB has also undertaken an off-the-grid guest house project, and solar cookers are expected to play a significant role in meeting its energy needs.


Eng. M. Al Ta'ani, General Manager
Jordanian Renewable Energy Society
P.O. Box 1835

Mobile: +00962 777 418782