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The ultra-portable Molly Baker Solar Oven disassembles easily and folds to fit into handy pockets sewn into the base. Its tough nylon pack-cloth exterior makes it rugged but light weight.

Produced by a husband/wife team in eastern Oregon, the lightweight, ultra-portable Molly Baker Solar Oven is a durable and efficient cooker (especially if you elevate the food on a rack, tuna can, or some other support that lets light get under the pot). It works best with dark pots enclosed in oven cooking bags or other clear enclosures. If you want a solar cooker that is durable and can stuff into a backpack or the nose of a kayak, this product of ingenuity and cottage industry is the one. General Tips and tricks for solar cooking and solar panel cookers apply, especially getting food out early.

It can be a little hard to handle in windy conditions, but the stake-down loops at the corners do help.

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Molly Baker Solar Oven
P.O. Box 1423
La Pine, Oregon 97739

Tel: +1 (541) 536-3254


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