Solar Cooking
Solar Cooking
This article is about an entity that either no longer exists or that may no longer be active in solar cooking promotion. It is retained here for archival purposes.

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Maputo, Mozambique youth show off their solar cookers and the certificates they earned for completing the training course

The Mozambique Association for Urban Development promotes solar cookers, heat-retention cookers, and paper briquettes - a firewood and charcoal substitute.


  • March 2009: Mozambique Association for Urban Development (AMDU) conducted a number of solar cooking courses and exhibits over the past several months, according to reports from AMDU President Maria dos Anjos Rosario and Dutch volunteer Anneke Hudig. Among its many accomplishments, AMDU conducted a series of three-week solar cooker construction and training courses in Maputo for 50 impoverished youth. These courses coincided with public solar cooking exhibitions, and were covered by local television media. A series of public demonstrations in Maputo drew large crowds, witnessing dozens of different solar cookers on display. At the 5th Mozambican Exhibition of Science and Technology, AMDU presented a 10-day workshop that taught youth how to make solar cookers out of recycled materials and how those cookers can efficiently use solar energy to cook food. More recently, AMDU has introduced an alternative energy program in three neighborhoods of Mocuba and 10 rural villages in the province of Zambezia. An early component of these programs was a solar cooker competition involving 40 participants from the various program areas. Solar cooking confidence was apparent among the contestants. The AMDU resource center in Hulene suburb of Maputo has been converted into an alternative energy center where youth can learn, experiment, and teach others about solar energy and recycling programs.
  • November 2008: On Maputo Municipal Day - celebrating 120 years since the founding of Maputo City - a public exhibition of solar cooking will be given near the City Hall in the Independence Square.
  • March 2008: In January, February and March - we introduced the program of Alternative Energy Use in ten rural villages and three neighborhoods of Mocuba City, all located in the province of Zambezia. In March we set up a festival including a competition betweeen 8 groups (about 40 people involved) coming from all places where the program was introduced. Two groups with better performance and better results were nominated to receive a prize. In the same day a seminar took place led by AMDU (Maria dos Anjos/architect and Amadeu Barca/Electrotechnical Engineer) in the District Government House, attended by members of the local government, at district Level and municipality level. The people involved were confident to use solar cooking and recycle solid waste to receive some income.

AMDU held a public exhibition in the Public Municipal Garden in Maputo

  • December 2007: AMDU held a public exhibition in the Public Municipal Garden in Maputo
  • September 2007: A public demonstration was given with 80 solar cookers of different types, in a Public Garden. More than 120 people visited and shared the experience.
  • August/September 2007: The first training course in "Energias Alternativas - Preservação Ambiental-Empreendedorismo" - took place with about 30 participants.
  • October 2007: A 10-day workshop was given at the 5th Mozambican Exhibition of Science and Technology. Young people gave demonstrations how recycle solid waste producing solar cookers and showing how efficient cooking with the sun is.
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  • April 2007: Maria dos Anjos Rosario taught a solar cooking class to 11th and 12th grade students at the Secondary School of the Superior Institute of Science and Technology. The class included discussion of how solar cookers work, construction of several models of solar cookers, solar cooking practice, analysis of the activities, and discussion of how to spread solar cooking. Rosario is president of the Mozambique Association for Urban Development, which promotes solar cookers, heat-retention cookers, and paper briquettes - a firewood and charcoal substitute.

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