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Mylar is a brand name used by the DuPont corporation to identify thin polyester plastic films that it makes. Actually, DuPont and a Japanese company have created a joint company called DuPont Teijin Films to handle the polyester film business.

It also appears that many large companies in different parts of the world produce similar products. Some companies may buy the polyester film from companies such as DuPont and then add the aluminum coating themselves before distributing to consumers. In other words, there may be dozens, scores or hundreds of companies that sell polyester films with aluminum coating.

Attaching Mylar to solar cooker panels[]

Craig Bergland suggests using a stapler for this purpose instead of glue:

One problem with fastening reflective materials with glue is that many people rub it on which takes away some of the shine. Of course a rubber roller or paint roller will work well but they also can degrade. And then you always seem to get the bubbles in there too which is kind of a bummer. It appears that a great way to add this stuff to your coroplast or cardboard panels is with a simple stapler. Good old swingline staplers work well. Start at one corner of your panel, and then stretch it to an opposite side and staple again. Continue with the rest of the corners, pulling taut and you will end up with a nice bubble-free and clean job. Since there is no rubbing involved, your Mylar will stay in its wonderful shiny virgin state. That is, as long as you don’t get your fingerprints in it. Note-The staples will poke through the other side probably so make sure you use some pliers or something to push the sharp edges down. Also your first few tries will be messy, but it gets better with practice. Cheaper, faster, and cleaner than glue or tape.

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