Solar Cooking
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Nicolau Bussolotti Francine with the PlenoSol II solar cooker.

Nicolau Bussolotti Francine is the founder of Pleno Sol, which was created in 2010. The mission of the organization is to develop, implement, encourage, and help disseminate solar cooking throughout Brazil. They are located in Piracicaba, São Paulo, Brazil.

They have the desire to generate income without jeopardizing future generations, have innovation as a principle, and incorporate a spirit of continuous improvement throughout its chain, constantly seeking sustainable solutions. Pleno Sol wishes to be recognized for excellence in the field of solar cooking and solar energy, with the commercialization of artisanal foods produced with solar energy, aimed at spreading the culture of solar cooking. They operate as a commercial bakery offering various cakes and breads, as well as a manufacturer of solar cookers.

The goal of Pleno Solto is to create knowledge and share information about solar cooking, by producing high quality food that satsfy the search for sustainable products and efficient equipment to make solar power affordable.

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