Solar Cooking
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Olivia Kanyesigye is the head trainer for the Solar Connect Association.


Olivia Kanyesigye (in black suit) and Henk Crietee, from Solar Cooking Netherlands, at an integrated solar cooking demonstration in Uganda, August 2013.

  • August 2013: Integrated solar cooking demonstration Henk Crietee, from Solar Cooking Netherlands, was in Uganda for two weeks (29 July to 12 August 2013) to evaluate Solar Connect Association project activities. Olivia Kanyesigye, the head trainer for SCA, reviewed training. During this visit a piece of land was secured in Mbarara, on which SCA will construct a building to house a new Renewable Energy Center. Integrated Solar Cooking Appliances will be produced, advertised and sold from this new location.


See Solar Connect Association.