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Olympus Flower is the home of environmentally friendly solar cookers and the artistic home of metalwork objects d'art by MetalBender.

Olympus Flower solar cookers

They are offer parabolic style cookers in small (1 meter), medium (1.2 meter), and large (1.8 meter) sizes.

When you receive your solar cooker, there will be three booklets supplied with it to help give some idea of how easy and versatile cooking options are with these cookers.

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Ray Eshelby (Owner)
31 Bon Vista Road
Port Edward
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa 4295

Mailing address:

Po. Box 38930
Port Edward
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa 4295

Tel. +27 72 235 1385
Fax. +27 012 205 9909


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