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Ajay Chandak stands with the company's award winning PRINCE-40

The PRINCE-40 is a parabolic solar cooker designed by Promoters and Researchers in Non-Conventional Energy under the direction of Ajay Chandak for community use. Using a 25 liter pressurized cook pot, the cooker was able to prepare 10 kg. of rice in 55 minutes. A larger version of this solar cooker is the PRINCE-60.

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Ajay Chandak stands with the company's award winning PRINCE-40 Photo credit: PRINCE

  • November 2019: The PRINCE-40 wins award - The PRINCE-40 parabolic solar cooker, designed to serve a community, has won a National Grand Challenge for designing a robust, efficient, and compact community solar cooker. The challenge was from Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The award focussed on community solar cooker designs.

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  • June 2017: 
  • October 2014:

Solar Cooker PRINCE-40 Community Cooking.AVI-0

The PRINCE - 40 at a high boil.

  • August 2014:


English version

  • August 2014:

Parabolic solar cooker (Demo)-1


Solar Cooker PRINCE-40 Community Cooking.AVI

The PRINCE - 40 demonstrates cooking rice with a 25 liter pressurized pot.

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