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Pakistan Science Club | پاکستان سائنس کلب[edit | edit source]

The current situation in the Pakistan is that fewer and fewer Pakistani are being trained as scientists and doctors while scientific education in Europe and Asia are on the rise. Because of this scientific shortage, the PSC is filling its need for scientists, and other scientific positions from abroad. The amount of science being taught at the educational level across the country is dangerously dropping. Science in this country is clearly taking a back seat to the other occupations such as business, sports, and other disciplines.

About us[edit | edit source]

Pakistan Science Club was born as an idea in 2007 and became a reality on 8th of August 2008 by the continual efforts of Mr. Abdul Rauf who stands as the President and Founder of Pakistan Science Club. More

Vision[edit | edit source]

Foster and promote scientific culture through research and development involvement and collaboration.

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  • One of the projects they demonstrate, is how to fabricate a parabolic solar cooker:
  • Summer Science Camp Project Solar Cooker by Aimen, Fatima ,Neha:

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Pakistan Science Club
Zaman Town
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Tel: +92 0345-3002870


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