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The Paracocina is a lightweight portable parabolic cooker, based on an umbrella. The model can be used year-round, but in winter, it is necessary to cover the receptor with a high density polythene bag (HDPE). A Polypropolyne bag can be used following the same cooking instructions as for other classic cookers such as CooKit.

Materials[edit | edit source]

  • An umbrella (preferably a non-folding model in order to keep the cooker in good condition)
  • Reflective material (aluminium foil or similar)
  • Metal support for the cooking pot

Dimensions/Weight[edit | edit source]

Dimensions: Folded = 1 m length (approx. depending on length of umbrella used)

Weight: Weight of umbrella used, plus cooking pot

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See Marc Ayats Plana.
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