P.A.F New designed Patio Sola Kooka hits 200°C (392°F) and has a huge collection area yet is easily moved and stored. Country folk love them as they allow for a longer day of cooking. They cook during the fine winter days, and cook foods quickly.

The Patio Sola Kooka is a new variation of the Sola Kooka that incorporates both box cooker and the panel cooker designs into one. It is a P.A.F design. It answers all the negitive problems that exist with the standard solar cooker designs: things like floppy reflectors and their stays, humidity blocking the glazing, being blown over/too light empty, and the most one being that of low temperatures. It comes on its own trolley that is omini dirrectional and easily moved by young or old. This design has recorded a high of 212°C (414°F), and has a yearly average cooking chamber temperature of 167°C. It can be purchased with an electric back up element and can also have a fire place, for flame or gas. Its a true stand alone survival instrument. Its design allows it to be made from 750mm wide, up to 2350mm wide.

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