Solar Cooking
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Pedro Serrano

Pedro Serrano has presented papers at many international meetings and was involved in the successful solar cooker project in Villaseca, Chile, which has become a tourist attraction. He is also the president of Fundación Terram.


Technical University Federico Santa Maria students with Celestino Ruivo and Pedro Serrano

  • October 2013: Celestino Ruivo, Doctor of the University of Coimbra's academic and University of Algarve, Portugal, visited the Technical University Federico Santa Maria in Chile, invited by the Academic Department of Architecture, Pedro Serrano. Both belong to international solar cooking organizations. Dr. Ruvio has been developing new lightweight and portable solar cookers, and spent time with students to discuss innovation. Later they traveled to Villaseca to visit Delicias del Sol, the popular local solar restaurant. More information... (Spanish)

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  • NEW: February 2022:

5-3 Adiabatic thermos as a complement to solar cooking-2

Pedro Serrano presents his observations of thermos containers to assist with solar cooking to retain heat at CONSOLFOOD 2022

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