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Solar Cookers International's open-source PEP device

Responding to requests from cooks, agencies, and manufacturers, Solar Cookers International(SCI) created an objective, scientific process to evaluate solar cookers: the Performance Evaluation Process (PEP). SCI objectively and scientifically evaluates how a solar cooker performs. Solar cooks and purchasing agencies around the world need these valuable performance metrics to select the solar cooker that best fits their needs.


  • Based on the internationally accepted ASAE S580.1 protocol for Testing and Reporting Solar Cooker Performance
  • Harmonizes with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) test ISO/TC 285 protocols being developed for clean cookstoves
  • SCI is a solar cooker testing center registered with the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves
  • SCI has testing centers in Laliptur, Nepal; and in New York and California USA

Local testing of solar cookers supports local economies - an SCI goal. Local testing means tapping leaders’ expertise: knowledge of their culture, language, and foods to identify the highest-quality, most durable solar cooking technologies for those regions. With additional funding from donors, SCI can proceed with plans to open three new testing centers: Africa, Europe, and Latin America. Want to learn how you can fund an SCI testing center and support local economies? Contact today.



Open-source hardware and software

  • Construction plans and control software for the SCI PEP device are publicly available. Register at the bottom of this page.

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