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Early prototype of the PhotonGrill

PhotonGrill design illustration, 8-20-15.png

The PhotonGrill is being designed to be a lightweight parabolic solar cooker. It uses a a mirror foil sealed by a highly transparent safety foil to create an air chamber. When inflated, it forms a highly precise parabolic shape. the PhotonGrill can be folded up and put into a backpack, resulting in a total weight of less than 3 kg, which is less than one bag of charcoal.

Recognizing that the sun can be an intermittent cooking companion, the company is developing their own heat storage cook pan. It contains a phase changing material within the bottom of the pan, which will give back additional stored heat when it becomes temporarily cloudy or the reflector is in need of reorientation to the sun. Additional accessories to include a thermoelectric charging device for Smartphones, etc.

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  • September 2015:

PhotonGrill How To Setup - video tutorial solar cooker bbq

The 1000 Watts sunpowered BBQ, that also fits in a backpack and is set up in 3 minutes. Support us:

  • September 2015:
  • August 2015:

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