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PlenoSol I.jpg
PLenoSol I side view.jpg
PLenoSol I rear view.jpg

130°C reached in an empty oven

food being prepared for sale

early design sketches

The PlenoSol I is a combination solar panel cooker and a solar box cooker. It incorporates a raised, box-style oven, which allows for additional light to be directed onto the oven bottom using a ground-level reflector. The oven also uses a top reflective panel, typical of most box cookers. The cooking space is divided into separate areas to permit foods be added or removed without disturbing other items. This is accomplished with rear entry oven doors.

The PlenoSol I appears to be as much about the possible food products that can be produced in quantiles for sale, as it is about simply promoting the oven design. With an empty oven, it was able to reach 130°C during the temperature test. Filled with food items, the oven reached 140°C.

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