Solar Cooking
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Nicolau Bussolotti Francine with the PlenoSol II solar cooker.

Pleno Sol was founded by Nicolau Bussolotti Francine in Brazil from the desire to generate income without jeopardizing future generations, have innovation as a principle, and incorporate a spirit of continuous improvement throughout its line of products, constantly seeking sustainable solutions.

Pleno Sol wishes to be recognized for excellence in the field of solar cooking and solar energy, with the commercialization of artisanal foods produced with solar energy, aimed at spreading the culture of solar cooking. Their goal is to improve solar cooker design, share information about solar cooking, and produce high quality food for sale. Pleno Sol operates as a commercial bakery offering various cakes and breads, as well as a manufacturer of solar cookers.

Hopefully, this approach will make the search for sustainable products and efficient equipment easier, and make using solar energy more affordable.


The Dedydratador Hybrid P.S_6 from Pleno Sol

  • August 2015: New solar food dryer is capable of wireless temperature control - The new food dryer from Pleno Sol offers remote temperature control, but does require standard household electrical current to power fans and temperature sensors.

Desidratador hibrido Pleno Sol, panorâmica.

Nicolau Bussolotti Francine of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and founder of Pleno Sol, is on a tour organizing solar cooker construction workshops.

  • June 2014: Nicolau Bussolotti Francine of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and founder of Pleno Sol, is on a tour around the Natural Reseva of "Port Cashew". He is organizing workshops for building and using inexpensive solar cookers as he travels.

  • August 2013: Pleno Sol has passed along some tempting photos of baking possibilities.
  • May 2013: Pleno Sol has recently begun producing the Catassol Solar Oven with a base that allows the cooker to be adjusted both horizontally and vertically to stay in orientation with the sun.
  • November 2012: Baking with a solar box cooker - In 2010, Nicolau Bussolotti Francine of Sao Paulo, Brazil, developed a box solar cooker for baking. Francine reports that his model can bake up to one kilo of cookies or 36 muffins at one time. In 2011 he began developing a more powerful bread oven. Using SCI’s Solar Cooking Wiki, Francine was able to make contact with other solar cooker manufacturers who were using Fresnel lenses. He incorporated multiple plain Fresnel lenses into his new design. His company Plenosol Cozinha Solar has recently filled a large order from an NGO working in the Natural Reserve Serra das Almas.

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  • October 2012:

Fábrica de Fornos Solares Pleno Sol

Acompanhe parte dos processos de construção dos fornos solares P.S. Multiuso 2013 na pequena fábrica Pleno Sol. Saiba mais em

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