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After seeing how the devastating 2010 earthquake left the people of Haiti suffering without electricity and unable to keep their drinking water safe and their medical equipment sterilized, I launched a website with help from Gregor Richardson. Since then, and with encouragement and creative direction from Bonnie Hirschel at Duckie Design Creative Solutions, I was able to redesign the Power From The Sun website to focus on fundraising and highlight annual events and solar projects. My goal is to educate people worldwide about the benefits of solar cooking and to help raise funds for Sun Ovens International to send solar ovens to Haiti and other people in need.

(above text by Matthew Cohen from the Power From The Sun website)

The Most Cookies Baked In One Hour Using Solar Ovens - Guinness World Record, April 2012

Matthew Cohen, a high school student living in Miami Beach, Florida, USA in 2014, used publicity created by staging the “The Most Cookies Baked In One Hour Using Solar Ovens” for a Guinness World Record, to raise sufficient donations to be able to send over 40 solar cookers, including a Villager Sun Oven community-style solar box cooker, to Haiti to help with relief efforts.

Power From The Sun solar cooker construction workshop

Using simple construction materials, Power From The Sun often sponsors solar cooker construction workshops intended for fellow students. The group has taught several hundred people to solar cook since the spring of 2014.

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Miami County Day School’s 75th Anniversary

  • February 2014: In honor of Miami County Day School’s 75th Anniversary, Power from the Sun and students from Breakthrough Miami gathered to bake cookies using our solar ovens. We created a custom hangtag that commemorated the event and allowed the students to add a personal message on each bag of cookies we packaged. The solar cookies were donated to local charities. Read more...

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