Solar Cooking
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A simple reflector made from one corner of a cardboard box can be used to preheat food or water while other food is cooking.

Preheating can be used to increase the efficiency a solar cooker or a conventional stove for that matter. For example, while a pot of food is cooking, an additional pot of food can be placed in the sun, ideally in a plastic bag or other glazed enclosure, to preheat. To speed preheating, the pot can also optionally be placed in a simple cardboard reflector (as shown in the illustration to the right). Once your first pot of food is finished cooking, remove it from the solar oven and place the now-preheated second pot of food in the solar oven to finish cooking. The same technique works to save cooking fuel when using conventional stoves.

Preheating water for cooking[]

Inmates at the Davao City Jail use solar preheated water for cooking. photo credit: Karlos Manlupig

  • May 2015: Solar heated water saves firewood in the Philippines - Inmates at the Davao City Jail in the Philippines, have begun to use solar preheated water for cooking. Not directly solar cooking, but none the less, a type of integrated cooking that is saving firewood. By preheating the water, cooking time is reduced 20 - 30 minutes. The system was provided by the International Committee of the Red Cross. A guard said the facility used to have a truckload of firewood delivered three times a week. Now, it needs only a single delivery every two weeks. Read more...

Audio and video[]

  • September 2020:

Inexpensive Solar Water Heaters (Solar Household Energy Bank)

This video shows simple solar water heating methods that can produce a large amount of hot water. Other solar applications are shown for drying grain, firewood, heat-purifying drinking water, and others.

  • January 2020:

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