Solar Cooking
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Project planning

Determine whether solar cooking is appropriate in your area

Learn from the work of others and make contacts

Access handbooks and training materials

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The John Collentine Solar Cooking Toolkit
Solar Cookers International created this toolkit to teach the basics of solar cooking and its promotion
Solar Cooker Project Best Practices Manual.JPG
Solar Cooker Project: Best Practices Manual
Jewish World Watch created this manual that details how to assure a successful solar cooking project in refugee camps.
Trainers Manual-Teaching Solar Cooking.png
Trainers Manual: Teaching Solar Cooking - Solar Cookers International
Field Guide-Spreading Solar Cooking.png
Field Guide: Spreading Solar Cooking - Solar Cookers International
Solar Cookers-How to Make, Use, and Enjoy.png
Solar Cookers: How to Make, Use, and Enjoy - Solar Cookers International
This is a handbook published by Solar Cookers International that includes detailed plans for building a CooKit solar panel cooker. (There are also detailed versions in Arabic (Standard, Variation), French, Spanish, English for Kenya, and Galician.)
Integrated Sustainable Solar Cooking - Instruction leaflet for end users.png
Integrated Sustainable Solar Cooking - Visual instruction guide - Solar Cookers Netherlands
Construction of Solar Cookers and Driers - Pro-Agro.jpg
Construction of Solar Cookers and Driers - Christelle Souriau & David Amelin
This is an excellent overview of solar cooking basics and simple solar cooker and dryer construction methods.
Peace Corps Improved Cookstoves Manual 2013.jpg
Peace Corps Improved Cookstoves Manual (2013)
Dari parabolic cooker manual cover, 5-18-22.png
How to Use a Parabolic Solar Cooker (Dari and English) - Grace Magney.

Determine which model(s) to work with

Determine the availability of materials and components

Information on solar cooking individual foods

Additional technologies to consider

Fund your project

Data collection


Audio and video


Solar Cookers International All About Access

Household air pollution: causes and solutions

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Menzies The most well funded solar cooker program in the world lessons learned from GTZ

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Otte Mapping global impact data for solar cooking a case study

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Powers The global public image of solar cookers

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Yes We Do Solar Cook

Additional resources

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