Solar Cooking
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Ravindra and Shobha Pardeshi

Ravindra Pardeshi is a designer of the Parvati Solar Cooker and the Twelve-Sided Parvati cooker. Mr. Ravindra Pardeshi and his wife Mrs. Shobha Pardeshi are working together with their own design.

These are simple and efficient low cost solar cookers. Many experimenters at higher latitudes have made these cookers and are happy with the output they get. We help anyone who is interested in making the same.


Parvati Solar Cooker with new rotating metal base.

  • November 2013: Ravindra Pardeshi has annouced that a new version of the Parvati Solar Cooker will include a metal base capable of two axis rotation for easier sun orientation. The reflector is assembled from six modular pieces.

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