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12 Diamond solar oven’s cooking 12 healthy recipe’s using 12 different organically produced foods

The Diamond Solar Cooker

Re-newcy has designed the first solar cooker made in Cyprus, the Diamond Solar Cooker for a completely safe and healthy way of cooking and for the most convenient way to cook food without consuming fuels or heating up the kitchen.

It was an idea of Andreas Fasoulides and Kyriakos Antoniou to create the low technology workshop called Re-newcy.

The dramatic negative climate changes on our planet and the our personal concerning about the future of our children are the motives of creating the re-newcy workshop in Cyprus.

Working with the renewable energy sources like the Sun, Wind, Biogass, etc we offer popular technology for everyone who likes to reduce the Co2 emissions in the natural environment. We offer Solar Cookers in cost prices so to reach all the people who want to use the heat from the Sun for cooking their meals.


The Diamond Solar Cooker

  • June 12, 2016 9:00-13:00: The Diamond Solar Cooking Show is a public event where we show citizens how anyone can use the heat of the sun as a simple and effective way to cook food, distill water or dry fruit. During the cooking time, we have the opportunity to explain to people why sustainable energy is important and to help them discover the transition to secure, clean and efficient energy. At the end of the event, everyone can taste the food that we cooked. On the event site, we will also set up a kids’ workshop in order to teach them how to create a solar cooker using mirror paper. The participation cost is €2 per person. More info...

The visitors ask about solar cooking with great interest.

  • September 2014: The Solar Energy Workshop in Cyprus will start teaching and demonstrating all about solar energy with emphasis on solar cooking.
  • November 2013: Re-newcy...... soon will make a new start.
  • May 2012: Re-newcy organized a solar cooking show at the entrance of the old port of Paphos with great success.

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  • June 2011:

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12 Diamond solar oven’s cooking

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