Solar Cooking
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The Center sponsored an April 2016 solar cooking festival in Adrar in which 179 pupils took part displaying 70 different solar cooker designs.

The Renewable Energy Development Center in Algeria is involved in solar cooking research.


Gather necessary information for the identification of research projects to be undertaken and data allowing their programming, implementation and evaluation;

  • Stimulate and foster assimilation, mastery and the progress of science and engineering and technological innovation in renewable energies;
  • Provide scientific and technological intelligence in dealing with renewable energies;
  • Collect and process scientific and technical information and ensure the preservation and dissemination;
  • Contribute to the development of research results including ensuring their dissemination, exploitation and use;
  • Ongoing training, retraining and development research teams;
  • Contribute in the training by and for research;
  • Ensure the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of units, laboratories and research teams.


Asymetric CPC box solar cooker Photo credit: Renewable Energy Development of Algeria

  • April 2016: the Research Unit in Renewable Energies in Saharan Medium (URERMS) of Adrar (Adrar is located in the Algerian Sahara), affiliated with the Renewable Energy Development Center] (CDER) of Algiers, organized the first Adrar solar cooking festival. The festival was programmed within the framework of solar cooking development project conducted by Arezki Harmim, Mebarek Boukar and M'hammed Amar. This goal of this event was to contribute to popularization of solar cooking. The festival consists of grouping young pupils of Adrar for a competition to construct their own solar cookers for the public; guests get to see the various achievements and appreciate the taste of solar cooked food. Introductory solar cooking courses for the construction of a simple box type solar cooker have been offered since December 2015. In total, 179 pupil took part in the festival and presented 70 solar cookers of various forms and designs with various construction materials (wood; cardboard; newspapers; sawdust; dry fiber taken on the palm tree; glazing; mirror; and aluminum foil). At midday; the guests (parents, teachers, pupils, researchers, and other visitors) were invited to inspect the pupils' solar cookers and taste the chicken breasts (40 kg) cooked in the various solar cookers. In a friendly and festive atmosphere, the children were able to discover solar cooking and were enthralled by obtained results. At the end; an awards ceremony was organized to honor all the participating pupils.


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