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The Cool WAPI from North Star Devices

Robert Nepper is involved with the Rotary club in a project to manufacture thousands of Water Pasteurization Indicators (WAPIs) for use in projects throughout the world. This has lead to the creation of the company North Star Devices.

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The North Star Devices Solar Pastuerizer schematic, Photo credit: North Star Devices, Inc. 2017

A floating WAPI from North Star Devices, Photo credit: North Star Devices, Inc. 2017

  • December 2013: Robert Nepper reports that they have made improvements to the SuperWAPI, which features a heat resistant stainless steel cable. North Star Devices' WAPI is the only WAPI offered as a hammer together design, not requiring heat sealing. The SuperWAPI is also now available as a kit. Read more about their WAPIs in their latest flyer: Reusable Water Pasteurization Indicators (WAPIs)

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Robert Nepper
North Star Devices Inc.
2251 Shawnee Dr.
N. St. Paul, MN 55109

Tel: +1 (651) 777-5159


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