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Robert Nepper is involved with the Rotary club in a project to manufacture thousands of Water Pasteurization Indicators (WAPIs) for use in projects throughout the world. This has lead to the creation of the company North Star Devices.

Recent news and developments

  • January 2014: North Star Devices announces a sale on the SuperWAPIs. A year-end sale set to end on December 31, 2013, is to be extended until remaining stock is gone. Regularly $225USD for 100 finished units, the price is now $199USD including extended financing options. Read about the WAPI's latest features: Reusable Water Pasteurization Indicators (WAPIS)

The Cool WAPI from North Star Devices

  • December 2013: Robert Nepper reports that they have made improvements to the SuperWAPI, which features a heat resistant stainless steel cable. North Star Devices' WAPI is the only WAPI offered as a hammer together design, not requiring heat sealing. The SuperWAPI is also now available as a kit. Read more about their WAPIs in their latest flyer: Reusable Water Pasteurization Indicators (WAPIs)

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Robert Nepper
North Star Devices Inc.
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Tel: +1 (651) 777-5159


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