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The SLiCK SM70 evacuated tube solar cooker

SLiCK is a solar cooker retailer located in the United Kingdom. Their mission is to promote zero fuel, zero emission, and zero waste solar cooking in the UK, and beyond.

They offer an evacuated tube solar cooker (SLiCK SM70), a panel cooker (CooKit), and a range of Rocket Stoves (EcoZoom) . Products are obtainable via mail order, or direct retail is offered by appointment in Cornwall or London.


  • May 2021: Dave Oxford explains which type of heat trap works the best

Cooking with Starlight 02 Heat Traps SLiCK-2

In solar cooking, heat traps are used to prevent too much heat escaping from the cooking pot as its temperature rises. They are usually made of glass, or plastic, but which type should you use?

An evacuated tube solar cooker demonstrates it effectiveness at baking muffins at the Great British Solar Bake Off 2017 held in Chepstow, United Kingdom.- Photo credit: Stewart Maclachlan

SLiCK's display at the UK Green Festival 2016

  • August 2016: SLiCK participated in the UK's Green Festival making solar cooking known to more residents of the UK.
  • 22 - 23 January, 2016 - SLiCK will be sending two delegates to the CONSOLFOOD 2016 Advances in Solar Thermal Food Processing Conference in Faro, Portugal in January 2016. Dave Oxford and Stewart Maclachlan will be presenting the results of field trials conducted with evacuated tube cookers, with a special emphasis on the durability of the glass cooking tubes.

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