Solar Cooking
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SOCO Burundi is a company which manufactures Solar Cookers and Cookers clean and economical with fuels in Burundi.

The overall objective is to completely replace the use of firewood and charcoal for cooking with other forms of renewable energy such as solar thermal energy and other forms of fuel, in particular pellets and briquettes.

SOCO Burundi would like to expand the use of solar cookers, other clean cookers in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Firewood and charcoal have become increasingly scarce and expensive if available. This ruins the savings of families and collectives who are forced to prepare meals on a daily basis and therefore allocate a large part of the budget.

SOCO Burundi would also like to participate considerably in the protection of the environment. In fact, solar cooking absolutely respects environmental protection standards and it is more affordable in the long run for families. As an alternative to the use of pellets, solar thermal energy completely replaces traditional fuels such as firewood and charcoal.

SOCO Burundi would socially like to contribute to sustainable development by emphasizing particularly on the reduction of unemployment by creating workforce in the manufacturing, production and sale of solar cookers, other cookers, clean pellets and briquettes. The project will contribute enormously to increasing family and collective economy. In the targeted region, many little children are not at school even though they have reached school age. Part of the profits generated in the production and sale of clean cookers and the fuels mentioned is spared for their education and supervision.

Box-type solar cookers: The beans are cooked, the tubers are cooked, the water is heated, the cereals are roasted, the bread is heated. These solar cookers are also involved in the transformation of many materials. Cookers/Ovens are likely to lead to good results in the industrial production chain in general and in particular factories and agro-food processing industries. Solar cooking is a method of cooking that does not lose the nutritional components of food. Their use helps fight against malnutrition and promote very good health.

Solars Cookers teaching

Solar cookers

Use of the Solar Cooker (Burundi-Bujumbura Mairie-Quartier Buyenzi).

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Solar box cookers

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