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Components of the HotPot made by Solar Household Energy

We are students at the University of Houston, Texas, USA. I, Mona Desai, was chosen with four other students to be involved in a course called Sales for Social Impact. This course is funded and sponsored by 3M and we are working with the nongovernmental organization, Solar Household Energy, Inc. (SHE). We are working to create a business plan to introduce solar cookers in Ayaviri, Melgar, Puno, Peru. We are competing against other Universities for the opportunity to implement our plan, and hope to receive contact with anyone that can help make our mission possible.

We are currently looking for manufacturers, distributors, and financing options for our plan to be successful. Please contact us with any information you have since everything can be helpful!

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Sales for Social Impact - University of Houston
Mona Desai

Tel: +1 (832) 830-6687


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