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Sena Alouka

Sena Alouka is director of Jeunes Volontaires pour l’Environnement in Togo.

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  • August 2008: Sena Alouka of Jeunes Volontaires pour l’Environnement writes: "I am very happy to inform you that this morning we have started a mass production week, a special operation in Lomé, in response to a special interest expressed by the quarter where our office is based, Casablanca. Actually, the people of Casablanca kept blaming us for bringing the benefits of the solar cooking and water pasteurisation only to the Vo region women, whereas, they who are close to our office, do not even understand how it all work. So we decided, in cooperation with the Casablanca Development Committee to organise a weeklong training for all interested volunteers, youth especially, to train them about the cookits production. Iam thrilled with joy to inform you that, all the men and women of the place gathered this morning to attend the opening ceremony. Several old men and women were inthe attendance. At the time, Iam writting this mail about 55 young people are either preparing, the glue, some applying the foil while others are cutting the cookers. We have deliberately decided to organise it at the public place of Casablanca, next to the main road, thus bringing lot of attention and interest. The name OPERATION AMIS DU SOLEIL (Operation Friends of the Sun) is aimed at creating awareness around solar applications and harness the volunteer spirit of young people in the area where JVE is heardquatered for the benefit of the planet. A new club (CLUB DES AMIS DU SOLEIL) will be created at the end of this week (see program) and will help spread the solar good news to other areas of the city. On friday, a football match, the distribution of certificates to participants and other events will closed the week, with a serious media coverage. I am sending some pictures, which are just 3 hours old, in which you can see this morning's introduction to our project, demonstration, testing the heat, youth participants taking note of the lessons, preparing the glue, applying the foil and Q&A session. It is a nice idea for which Iam very proud about. It will be wonderful, if we can organise a second session of this in another Quarter, as many other quarters of Lomé are asking us to extend the initiative to their area as well. I am convinced that cardboard are a wonderful tool to address some of the energy problems we face today. The amazement i saw in the face of people, even well educated people who stopped by to see what was going on, is an eloquent testimony of the benefits of the solar cookers."

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Sena Alouka, Director
Jeunes Volontaires pour l'Environnement
131, Rue Ofe
Tokoin Casablanca Box 8823
Lome, Togo


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