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Sharon Clausson and Pat McArdle at San Diego County Fair 2014

Sharon Clausson (left) with Pat McArdle judging the youth solar cooker competition at the San Diego County Fair in 2014

Sharon Clausson has been interested in solar cooking since the eighties. She has experimented with several designs of her own, as well as constructing many of the other designs available to be able to test the efficiency and practical value of each.

Her most recent project is a solar panel design cooker offered as a kit, the Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light. It is quickly assembled, and can be taken apart and used for place mats, and also a reflective aid for a lantern.


How to Make Copenhagen Solar Cooker

How to Make Copenhagen Solar Cooker


  • A Comparison of Copenhagen Solar Cookers with Other Similar Sized Solar Cookers (Slides, Paper) - Sharon Clausson

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Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light 016

Sharon Clausson's ingenious Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light


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