Solar Cooking
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Sheela has used the Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light panel cooker in her lessons.

Sheela Kiiskila lives in San Jose, California, USA, and has been involved with introducing solar cooking since 2011.

Sheela has an engineering background in computer science. But she left the high tech field and lived in Finland for several years where she designed and opened a children's discovery museum. Often the hands-on classes at the museum included solar cooking.

She has used both box cookers and panel cookers in her workshops and lessons. Having worked both in Finland and the USA, her goal is to bring awareness of solar cooking to children, from elementary to urban high school students. Going into schools will facilitate reaching a broader audience. Children can become valuable advocates of solar cooking. This early exposure also encourages the students to think of solar cooking as a real field of study, and to do more research.

Sheela is also interested in the development a consumer rating/certification system for solar cookers.


  • September 2014: Sheela estimates that she reaches 50-60 students annually with her programs.

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