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The Simply Solar company was formed in 2010 by the Solare Brücke organization.

Scheffler Reflector demonstration

"Our aim at Simply Solar is to provide high quality consulting, training and R&D services in the field of appropriate solar technologies. We have been working together loosely for many years, sharing the experiences each one of us made in his/her own work. Projects worldwide have benefited from this cooperation. Based on Wolfgang Scheffler's ongoing R&D one of our strength is Scheffler Reflectors, their applications and related projects. All four directors of Simply Solar have many years of experience in that Technology.

Apart from working with Scheffler Reflectors we have all worked with or developed other solar technologies: from solar boxcookers, small and large solar dryers, SK14 parabolic solar cookers, photovoltaics, solar space heating systems and solar hot water systems to solar trackers.

In 2010 we decided to join hands more firmly - Simply Solar was created."

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  • August 2014: Pierre-André Aubert is using our mobile solar kitchen unit with an 8m² Scheffler Reflector, mounted on a trailer, in summer 2014 to cook for variouse events in the south of France. He is a professional gourmet cook and is currently developing his own concept of solar catering. More info... -
10m² Scheffler Reflector Poitiers.JPG
  • June 2014: Together with our partner L'Atelier du Soleil et du Vent we installed a custom-made 10m² Scheffler Reflector at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Ingénieurs de Poitiers (ENSIP) in June 2014. This installation will be used for research purposes at ENSIP.
10 m² Scheffler Reflector for pasteurisation at solar off grid dairy.JPG
  • 2013: In 2013 the small scale dairy in the rural town of Say was converted into the first Solar Off-Grid Dairy as one of the renewable energy projects of our partner SNV Niger. This project combines Photovoltaics for cooling and other electricity needs with thermal energy for pasteurisation. For project details have a look at the documentation by SNV. More info...
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  • 2012: In the framework of the Sustainable Energy Project Support (SEPS) granted by the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy a demonstration project of solar thermal applications using Scheffler Reflectors was initiated in Morocco in 2012. Simply Solar has four partners in this one year project: CNEREE (Centre National d'Etudes et de Recherches sur l'Eau et l'Energie), CDRT (Centre de Développement de la Région de Tensift), JICA (Junior Enterprise Cadi Ayyad) and ComE. The demo set-up is installed at FSTEC (Faculté de Sciences et Tecnologies) of L'Université Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, Morocco, where CNEREE is located. It is equiped with a solar distillation unit for essential oils and with a stove allowing food processing applications. Essential oil distillation allows good value additionand and is practised in Morocco for different herbs and roses. Using decentralised solar distillation units may be an interesting alternative contributing to rural development. As a first step the installed set-up will be used for research,demonstration purposes and evaluation of the feasibility of different applications of this technology within the Moroccan context. The technology-related background knowledge was transferred to the Moroccan project partners during a four day seminar and through a 1/2 day practical session.
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Simply Solar, Korea 2, 8-11.jpg
  • March 2011: We started our partnership with Energy Farm, a South Korean company for renewable energy technologies. First step was training of Energy Farm staff in manufacturing of 10m² Scheffler Reflectors, held in May 2011 at Energy farm in Bucheon, South Korea.

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