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The SoLina one solar cooker

SoLenium technology is design and manufacturing company of solar cooking products located in Musselburgh, United Kingdom, founded by Andreas Teschner. The company has developed a cylindrical style cooker with insulated clear panels, and an adjustable mirrored reflector called the SoLina one.

Typically, tube style cookers have relied on using a double-wall blown glass cylinder for the cooking chamber. A major constraint of this approach is the availability of larger diameter glass tubes. Most are 5" or less. The SoLina one is a trough style design, and offers a larger insulated twin-wall cooking chamber approach, providing more internal space for larger cooking pots.

Other products are available on their website:

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The SoLina concept

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SoLenium technology
14 Bush Street
Fisher Row
EH21 6DB
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)131 665 5656


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