Solar Cooking

SolBudyy Opened

The SolBuddy consists of a rotomoulded LLDPE plastic container, with a capacity of 5.5litres.of water

How does it work?[]

  • A strong plastic bag.
  • The SolBuddy is first filled and the caps tightened.

·Then the plastic spacer is inserted into the center hole and pushed through to stick out on both sides about halfway.

·The SolBuddy is then inserted into the bag all the way to the bottom of the bag.

·The top of the bag is rolled over a few times to remove all the crinkles in the bag.

·The four pegs are then used to clamp the rolled over bag top.

·Place the SolBuddy black side facing the SUN at an angle to the SUN.

·The best way is to observe the SHADOW behind the SolBuddy.

·It will require that the SolBuddy is moved from time to time to be more in line with the sun.

·By knocking a sturdy stick (not supplied) in the ground it is easy to lean the SolBuddy against it and move it as required to follow the SUN.

The two caps on the SolBuddy are to control the water flow when pouring water out.

One cap is loosened just enough to allow the water to flow at the rate required.

At an ambient temperature the water temperature will rise between 100% to 200% in strong SUNLIGHT. The smaller the SHADOW the more the SolBuddy is in direct line with the SUN.

·It will require that the SolBuddy is moved from time to time to be more in line with the SUN.

The benefits of the SolBuddy

·Is that water is pasteurized at 65° C killing water borne bacteria.

·A great advantage to areas without portable water.

·A wax was developed to melt at 66° C this is in a sealed tube attached to a string and then dropped into the water and lowered to the bottom of the SolBuddy , the coolest area, when it melts the wax flows to the bottom of the tube so you always know that it got to the required temperature.

·The tube is reversible so it can be used over and over again.( optional extra)

Further benefits are[]

-Safe drinking water provided the temperature reach 66° C.

-Hot water for washing.

-Adding hot water to a pot to reduce the cooking time.

-Hot water is ideal for soaking sugar beans or samp prior to cooking the next day.

Storing the hot water

An insulating bag can be made by inserting newspaper or cardboard between two pieces of material to form a bag totally around the SolBuddy. First remove the plastic bag and spacer from the SolBuddy then insert the unit into the Insulating bag and close