Solar Cooking
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Sam Erwin adjusts his Solar Chef.

The cooker maintains a level cook pot tray.

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The Solar Chef was designed and first patented by Sam Erwin in 1978. He sold over 3,000 ovens up through 2011. The solar panel cooker incorporates a sturdy framework with a swivel base to allow positioning towards the sun. The central cooking chamber has a small fan to assist distributing the heat evenly.

Sam was trained as a carpenter before he began production. Now, as of 2013 (at the age of 89), he found a partner to produce and distribute the cookers.

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  • February 2012: 

Solar Chef

Tracyton resident Sam Erwin has sold close to 3,000 solar-powered ovens since creating them in the 1970s. The 88-year-old and his wife, Shirley used the oven to bake a lemon cake on Tuesday.

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