Solar Cooking
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36" and 48" StarFlower models with different bases, and two with the power petals.

The Solar Chef was designed and first patented by Sam Erwin in 1978. The panel solar cooker incorporates a sturdy framework with a swivel base to allow positioning towards the sun. The central cooking chamber has a small fan to assist distributing the heat evenly.

He sold over 3,000 ovens up through 2011. In 2014 he found a partner, and they formed Solar Chef International. As of 2015, they are looking for investors to help create greater production capacity. Since mid-2014, they have taught 1,200-1,300 people to solar cook.

The Solar Chef

The President of Solar Chef International, Janie McNutt, describes their vision:

The mission of Solar Chef® International, is two-fold. First, we deeply desire to help promote sustainable lifestyles in the US and the world as we market our high performance, large capacity solar ovens by showing people that they actually can cook or bake their food with the power of the sun virtually as they cook on their conventional stoves. Along with promoting solar cooking and sustainable lifestyles everywhere possible, we want to be a caring service company, providing superior products and service to the many groups interested in sustainable living.

Our goals are not profit-driven, but are education and service-oriented. We intend to invest our profits back into the company and expand sooner than later into promoting our ovens with aquaponic systems run by solar power. We will show people how to make their own systems for less than they can buy ready-made on the market, and will educate them into how to be successful in growing fish and organic home-grown vegetables along with providing them with a solar oven to cook it all in, all free of the grid. We believe that returning to a more simple lifestyle is very therapeutic as well as possibly life-saving, given the growing instability of the nation and the world today.


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