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Solar Cooker at Cantina West is a valuable resource for information on solar cooking. Learn about how solar cookers work, review a selection of solar cookers to purchase, and find help in building solar cookers. Listed below are some of what they they offer:

  • Learn how to cook like a pro, how to eat more healthy and save money in the process, all while cooking with the power of the sun.
  • Learn about world wide initiatives to promote solar cooking in war and famine ravaged countries and how you can help to promote a cleaner, safer environment for many of the world's destitute.
  • Learn of, and take advantage of solar cooking opportunities right here in our own country, right in your own back yard.
  • Learn of the latest advances and changes in the world of solar cooking and how it might benefit you and your future.
  • Our latest addition at Solar Cooker at Cantinawest is: To share what is on YOUR mind. We now have a feature on several pages that allows YOU the opportunity to share your solar cooking recipes, experiences and expertise... So, sign up for our RSS feed and keep on top of all the latest from Us... and from YOU.


  • November 2014: Solar Cooker-at-Cantinawest has announced that they no longer have their retail location in St George, Utah. They still maintain a comprehensive website offering information on solar cooking and access to purchasing cookers. They offer pre-arranged classes on solar cooker construction throughout Utah and southern Nevada. See:
  • May 2011: Solar Cooker-at-Cantinawest annouces the opening of their new retail location of the Solar Oven Store in St. George, Utah. More Information...

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