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Solar Cookers for Haiti has been organized in Haiti by solar cooking advocate Eliesheriff Joseph. He provides solar cooking introductory demonstrations and workshops primarily in the Hinche area.


  • NEW: July 2024: First visit with solar cookers - Eliesheriff Joseph organized an introductory workshop at the orphanage in Lefort. He relates; 'The girls from the orphanage contacted me earlier in the week. I brought them 8 solar ovens reflectors, and I'll be bringing them more at the next training session. The girls cooked their own food for the 20 people in attendance. Once again, the solar panel cookers were donated by Scott Rundle and Tom Hallquist for distribution to orphanages in Haiti. Thanks again, to PPAF for their financial support.'
Photo credit: Eliesheriff Joseph
SCH, 6-25-24

Donated solar cookers for Solar Cookers for Haiti, Photo credit: Eliesheriff Joseph

  • NEW: June 2024: Eliesheriff Joseph wishes to recognize Tom Hallquist and Scott Rundle for their generous contributions of solar panel cookers to local orphanages, helping to offset fuel costs, limit deforestation, and improve the respiratory health of the children and staff. He mentions the solar cooking introductory programs has raised awareness, and may help explain why so many young people are interested in career opportunities in sustainable development.
  • May 2024: A wonderful solar cooker event at Ravine Labour - Eliesheriff reports: We hosted visitors, of three different nationalities, who were enthusiastic about the wonderful work we are doing. One is Brazilian, another is American from southern Massachusetts, and the third is Belgian. They spent a few hours talking with the children about the importance of solar cookers for the Haitian community. 60 people attended the event. We prepared all the food in the solar ovens. We brought 6 Haines.2 solar ovens, 6 reflector solar ovens that Tom Hallquist donated to the orphanages and a parabolic oven. We have a moringua garden in the area. The Brazilian was seiing solar cooking for the first time and we made coffee in the morning with bread and milk. We boiled beans in the parabolic cooker, made salads, salmon sauce and rice. Two Haines cooker sales that day. Our co-worker Aline Innocent is hard-working, and her help made the demonstration possible. We are now in the rainy season. We went back to Hinche because all the rivers are blocking our way. We enjoyed these days and learned a lot from each other. Thanks to Tom Hallquist, Scott Rundle for their donation of solar cookers to orphanages in Haiti, and PPAF, and to all those who support this project worldwide, for their financial support.
Photo credit: Eliesheriff Joseph
SC for Haiti demo 2, 4-30-24

Solar cooking for Port-au-Prince residents, Photo credit: Solar Cookers for Haiti

  • April 2024: Solar cooking for capital city Port-au-Prince residents - Solar Cookers for Haiti founder Eliesheriff Joseph reports: 'It was a beautiful sunny day, over 75 people attended the solar oven training, most of them from Port-au-Prince, they left their homes and everything in Port-au-Prince to come to our town of Hinche because of the situation in their hometown. Many of them saw solar ovens for the first time and were happy to see and learn how solar ovens can help them reduce their costs. We made omelets and bread, made sandwiches, boiled Congo beans that day and fed them with the food prepared in the solar ovens. Five Haines ovens were sold that day. Thanks to everyone for supporting renewable energy in the Haitians community specifically, Tom Hallquist and Scott Rundle, for the donation of solar cookers to the orphanages around Hinche and PPAF for its support.'
  • April 2024: Preparing fish at the orphanage - Over Easter, Eliesheriff Joseph visited some of the orphanages, which Tom Hallquist and Scott Rundle donated solar cookers, PPAF provided financial support and a sales program for Haines solar cooker kits. He explained they cooked fish in the solar ovens. Some kids tasted fish for the first time cooked in the solar ovens. We brought two Haines 2.0. We had very good sunshine, no rain, clouds or wind. One of the orphanage directors really liked the Haines cooker, and bought one of the two I had brought. He told me he was going to use it in his house, and when he goes into the garden, he'd bring it along to cook his meal. We'll be visiting the other orphanages soon. Solar cooking is a safe solution, keeping children healthy and protecting our environment. An investment for the next generation.
Photo credit: Eliesheriff Joseph

  • February 2024: More solar cookers arrive!: - The Donne Orphanage received more solar ovens donated by Tom Hallquist. All are very grateful to everyone for helping Haiti reduce the amount of money that they use to spend on charcoal and firewood to help protect the environment. In the new solar ovens, they are able to bake cakes and omelets for the kids.
Photo credit: Eliesheriff Joseph
  • February 2024: Teacher training workshop - The training began February 12 for customers who bought solar cookers last month, and are enthusiastic to be trained to teach others. Workshop trainers included Eliesheriff Joseph and Aline Innocent
Photo credit: Eliesheriff Joseph
  • January 2024: School gathering to solar cook - Eliesheriff organized a follow-up gathering held at the school attached to the church. The school provides kindergarten, primary, and secondary programs with 550 students, and 540 attended the solar cooking demonstration, along with 15 teachers, 5 cooks, 3 school leaders and 2 bodyguards. They used 20 solar ovens, again a combination of solar cookers provided by Tom Hallquist and Haines 2.0 panel cookers. Financial support was provided by PPAF. Eliesheriff notes it was challenging managing such a large group with so many students eager to learn about solar cooking. Everyone was able to enjoy a good meal.
Photo credit: Eliesheriff Joseph
  • January 2024: First Sunday of 2024 solar cooking at church gathering - Eliesheriff Joseph participated in preparing a solar-cooked meal at the annual church gathering on the first Sunday of the new year. The event, organized by Aline Innocent and funded by PPAF, was attended by 400 adults and 200 children. Eliesheriff relates; "We used the solar panel cookers that Tom Hallquist had previously sent to orphanages, and a few Haines 2.0 panel cookers. The pastor chose a group of women to help him, and taught them how to cook with the solar cookers. Aline also had some Haines 2.0 cookers to sell. The pastor bought a Haines 2.0 for his family. A lady who is the director of the church school also bought one, as well as another member. Some members have stayed in touch with us to buy additional Haines 2.0s, which is good news. All the food was prepared with the solar cookers, and fed everyone. It was beautiful today, I was so proud. The school principal asked Aline to do a demonstration at the local school, and there is a principal in the north of Haiti who would also like to have a workshop training on solar cooking at their school."
Photo credit: Eliesheriff Joseph
  • September 2023: Solar cooking presentation and training - (Eliesheriff Joseph recounts the Solar Cookers for Haiti gathering) On September 23, 2023, I held a big event with an association called APDC (Association des Paysans pour de Dévelopement de Couime). They work on agriculture, the environment, etc. Angelot is the leader of this association. He saw my work and saw that it was something he'd like to know more about, and if possible, his team. He came to me and said he'd like to know more about this technology. I told him that this was not a problem and that our aim was to see more Haitian associations, organizations, etc. involved in this technology. I'm very happy to have presented this idea to PPAF, who welcomed it very favorably. The first training session with the association took place on September 23 and was attended by 130 people. We started from 8am to 12pm. I chose 5 women from among them to prepare the food and put it in the solar ovens that Tom Hallquist had donated to the orphanages. We went back inside to continue the training. I had a microphone, and everyone could hear me very well. I gave a very good presentation on solar cookers, talking about all the people I know who use this technology and all the institutions. There were lots of questions! They are interested in learning more about solar cookers.
Photo credit: Eliesheriff Joseph
  • January 2023: Elie Joseph organized a solar cooking workshop at a local orphanage in Hinche. It was well attended with enthusiastic participants eager to learn about cooking without charcoal or firewood.

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