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If you do anything with solar cookers - design them, manufacture them, promote them, use them - or even just support others using them - this website is for you. The purpose of this wiki is to encourage the spread of solar cooking worldwide to improve quality of life and reduce the contribution of fuelwood cooking to deforestation and global warming.

This wiki was inspired by requests to make the Solar Cooking Archive more interactive. We hope you will use this wiki to get ideas and contribute your own, to make contacts, to inspire others or to be inspired. We also hope this wiki will turn into the place on the internet to get information on solar cooker theory, designs, plans, strategies, contributors (large and small), activities, etc. This is our online village where we all share what we know to make solar cooking a reality around the world.

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  • Sustainable Community Action - wiki includes pages about sustainable community action internationally, nationally and locally.
  • Home Wikia - about homes and related activities such as eating and cooking, some related content and links back to the Solar Cooking Wikia are on the WikiNode and the pages that have been started about solar cooking and solar ovens

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