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Solar Cooking Campaign for Grassroots was created by Alzubair Saiyed and Virendra Dhakhada in Gujarat, India with the goal to "disseminate simple, efficient, and portable solar cooker design of that can be easily built at home with inexpensive and readily available materials."

In their workshops, Solar Cooking Campaign for Grassroots uses the Copenhagen Solar Cooker Light as well as a selection of funnel cookers, box cookers, and evacuated tube cookers. By the end of 2017, the group organized over 50 workshops for NGOs, schools, colleges, exhibits, rural, and tribal areas.


Solar Cooking Campaign for Grassroots 04-17
  • April 2017: The Solar Cooking Campaign for Grassroots team was invited for a one-day workshop on "Introduction of Solar Cooking & GujaratGrassroots Innovations Augmentation Network” by the Management of "Saraswati Shishuvihar Vidhyalay", Sakt Sanala, Morbi. Roughly 90 students ranging from Class 6 to Class 8, teachers, and parents attended the workshop. All the students built their own Copenhagen Solar Cooker from the kit provided to them and boiled chickpeas, beans, and potatoes.




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