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Solar Cooking Project Zambia Hans and Petty Heerebout photo

Hans and Petty Heerebout

Solar Cooking Project Zambia hay baskets

Making hay baskets

Solar Cooking Project Zambia aluminum CooKit

An aluminum panel CooKit.

Solar Cooking Project Zambia is a non-profit program to help introduce solar cooking in Zambia, working in the area around Mongu. The founders of the project are Hans and Petty Heerebout, receiving guidance from Solar Cooking Netherlands. They began in 2010 to teach the integrated cooking method, which combines using solar cookers with fuel efficient wood stoves and heat-retention cooking with hay baskets. They began offering traditional CooKit solar cookers, and have experimented with using rigid aluminum panels to replace the aluminum foil covered cardboard versions. Their 2010 project evaluation.

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