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The Solar Flare Box Cooker is made in Sacramento, California by Dale Schuck. Dale has been making and using solar box cookers for over 20 years. Having experimented with many types of solar cooker designs, he has found that the cardboard box cooker is the most preferable for home use in Sacramento. These cookers are easy to load with food, need very little sun tracking, can cook all 4 seasons, will not burn food, heat up fast, cook 2-3 meals a day in summer ,are fairly light weight, can feed 4-8 people, and are very durable.

Solar Flare box cookers are built for long life and durability. Recycled, wood-reinforced, double-walled cardboard is used for both the box and lid. The box is lined inside and out with aluminum foil and insulated with recycled newspaper for an air-tight seal. Non-toxic, white glue is used. The reflector is wood-framed to increase durability, prevent warping and increase reflectivity. The lid is held in place with a heavy duty wood support and locking hemp string to hold up against strong winds. The box and lid are coated with a waterproof membrane, then coated with recycled, exterior house paint. The double-strength glass is then sealed with a silicone seal. A sheet metal pan is custom made for the double bottom and painted black with hi-temperature paint to catch spills and increase efficiency. The oven is sized to be able to cook in quart mason jars or any pot up to 9 inches tall. The oven temperature reaches around 225-275 degrees on a normal sunny day. These cookers should last 7-10 years, at least, with good care. 12-14 hours are put into each cooker, and then they are set up for a few sunny days to dry, cure, and off-gas, leaving a non -toxic cooking environment inside. The price is $175.00. Custom made cookers are available.

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See Dale Schuck.
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