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Household solar energy bank 03-20

A Household Solar Energy Bank heating buckets of water.

The Solar Household Energy Bank is a multifunction solar heater and dryer designed by Dale Andreatta. It is comprised of a layer of straw, leaves, or other loose organic insulating material covered by a sheet of black plastic or other dark material. As solar energy hits the dark material, it is converted to thermal energy, which forms the foundation of the heat collection system.

A variety of items, such as buckets of water, wood, and grains can be placed on this foundation and covered in clear plastic to be heated/dried using the created greenhouse effect. According to the designer, it can perform the following tasks:

  • Heat water to be used for washing at about 50 °C (122 °F)
  • Heat water to be used for cooking at about 60 °C (140 °F) or more
  • Heat drinking water to the pasteurization temperature at about 60 - 65 °C (140 - 149 °F)
  • Heat large amounts of water for space heating
  • Dry wood to be used for firewood
  • Dry corn, beans, or other grains
  • Heat clothing to a temperature sufficient to kill insects and their eggs


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  • October 2019:
Low-cost Solar Household Energy Bank - Dale Andreatta

Low-cost Solar Household Energy Bank - Dale Andreatta

This video shows inexpensive devices for using solar energy to fulfill a variety of household energy tasks. It is primary intended for places in the developing world, but not exclusively. Water heating, drying, and disinfection are included.

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