Solar Cooking
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Solar India Cooker, Photo credit: Solar India

Solar India is a manufacturer and vendor of solar products located in Old Plasia, India. Along with a wide variety of photovoltaic based products, they produce and sell two solar box ovens. Similar in design, one is slightly larger.

The ovens are constructed with a molded fiberglass body. One is 60cm x 60cm x 19cm (24" x 24" x 8"), and the other one measures 48cm x 48cm x 17cm (19.2" x 19.2 x 7"). The oven cases appear to be sturdy, and the top lid, which has the reflector mounted on the inside surface, closes to make a suitcase size unit. Included with each oven are four blackened cook pots designed to fit nicely in the interior, allowing all four to be used for cooking at the same time.

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Solar India
105, Apollo Arcade
Old Palasia, MP 452001

Tel: +91 - 91119 83573