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The Solar Oven K5 receiving light from five sides.

The Solar Oven K5 is a unique solar box cooker designed by Mr. Muhammed Yasin Khan. The cooking chamber is double-glazed and open to the sun on five sides. Only the back of the cooker is an opaque panel, which provides the door access to the cook pots. Multiple reflectors and the exposed chamber allows for minimal realignment to the sun. Reflectors direct light from the top, front, sides and the bottom. Yasin feels the cooker will need be adjusted approximately every eighty minutes. This means a variety foods can be cooked without the cooker needing to be reoriented.

A second unique feature is the five-sided insulated box that can be slipped over the glazed cooking chamber. It offers protection for the cooking chamber during transport and storage, but also provides a heat-retention cooking feature. If the available sunshine becomes intermittent, the insulated sleeve can be fitted, and the chamber cooking temperature loss is minimized.

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See Muhammad Yasin Khan.
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