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Mike and Martha Port in 2008

The Solar Oven Society was formed to promote solar cooking to the American public and to provide a way to partner with the over 3 billion people worldwide who lack adequate fuel for cooking their food. In 2015 the Solar Oven Society transitioned to Solavore, LLC whose mission remains bringing the joy and power of solar cooking to cooks around the world.

Originally the Solar Oven Society worked with wooden or cardboard box cookers, but developed a slant front cooker made out of recycled soda bottles and holds two pots. The result is both light in weight and less expensive than those made of other materials and was called the Sport Solar Oven and since 2015 is called the Solavore Sport. This oven is intended to help fill the gap between the low priced cardboard panel type solar cookers such as the CooKit and the more expensive wood or metal box cookers, such as the All American Sun Oven.

The Solar Oven Society formerly sold cookers on the US market and used profits to subsidize shipments to poorer countries. The ovens were assembled in their Minnesota headquarters (which also serves as incubator for a number of small non-governmental organizations) and can also be shipped unassembled along with all equipment needed for assembly in other sites.

The organization is the work of a Minneapolis couple, Mike and Martha Port supported by many other volunteers. The Ports have been active in solar cooking for many years, having worked in Jamaica, Haiti, and Central America.


  • September 2019: The Solar Oven Society online store has been closed. There is no indication at this time about when or if it will reopen.
  • April 2016: Solavore Sport reviewed by green energy site, treehugger.
  • September 2015: Production has resumed for the Solar Oven Society's flagship oven, the Sport Solar Oven, which is now called the Solavore Sport.
  • October 2011: The Solar Oven Society reports they have introduced over 1000 people to solar cooking since they began teaching in 1989, and have provided solar cookers in the thousands worldwide.
  • August 2011: The Rural Renewable Energy Alliance and Solar Oven Society teamed up to teach campers from the Conservation Corps Minnesota all about the power of the sun.
  • July 2010: Primary school pupils in four districts in Tanzania will benefit from the use of solar cookers distributed by an institution called Solar Oven Society (SOS) Africa. A total of 240 solar cookers will be distributed to primary schools in the four districts. The use of the cookers will reduce unscrupulous tree felling. Schools to get solar cookers
  • April 2005: The Solar Oven Society (SOS) shipped 300 Sport Solar ovens to Nicaragua. The project was funded by St. Edwards Catholic Church, Bloomington, MN. Volunteers from St. Edwards, along with group leader Sue Kellett, went to Nicaragua to oversee and help train, assemble and distribute the ovens. Andrew Knutson, staff member for the Solar Oven Society, also went to Nicaragua.

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Mike and Martha Port- From Kerr-Cole Box Cooker to SOS Sport to Mary's Cooker-2

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