Solar Cooking
Last edited: 9 August 2021      
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Solar Zentrum 2021: Food Quality, Solar Cooking, and Farming and Gardening, was coordinated from the Solar Zentrum in Wietow, Germany with assistance from Michael Bonke. Deepak Gadhia spoke on sustainability with renewable energies at the Green Ashram.

Seggy Segarian addressed solutions for solar cooking at a latitude of 54 degrees, and Dave Oxford and Stewart MacLachlan of SLiCK spoke on 'Taking another look at evacuated tube cookers'. Other contributors included Dr. Ditmar Schmidt, Celestino Ruivo, Juana María Hernández Jarquín, Robert Dietrich, Samuel Appelbaum, and Dr. Gotthard Schulte-Tigges.

The presentations have been recorded and are available on Youtube for viewing.

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