Solar Cooking
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Ted Rees, participant in the Solar Cookers World Network Facebook group, has created a Facebook page where he is providing condensed lessons relating to various solar and thermal calculations helpful to solar cooker designers and other interested parties. His Facebook page can be found at: Solar and Thermal Calculations Scroll down to view the first lesson.

Solar angle calculator[]

Solar Angle Calculator sample image - Solar Electricity Handbook 2016

The 2016 Edition of the Solar Electricity Handbook offers a convenient visual tool to calculate the sun's position in virtually all cities around the globe. It can be found at: Solar Angle Calculator

There is also a smart phone app available at SunSurveyor, which calculates sun angles for specific locations.

Another sun angle calculator is available at

Calculating the parabolic curve[]

Jose Antonio Gutierrez Guerra has provided an interactive parabolic curve calculator for those interested in designing their own reflectors. It can be used for both parabolic dish and trough style designs. Parabola-Focus-Directrix

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